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Excellence in Interior Design

Y.YOO Interior Design

As the Managing director of Florenza, Yupa is responsible for the successful completion of all interior design projects in the past & present.

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Excellence in Styling

Y.YOO-Lifestyle CLOTHING & Beauty

We curates high quality materials and top-notch designing, which resulted to be timeless style and life-essential clothing and accessories.

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Excellence in Exercise


We will be focusing in coordination of hamstring and torso in various poses. To naturally utilize breathing towards each part of the body effectively.

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K.Yupa Chongpatiyutt talks Y.YOO’s vision


Y.YOO boasts the expertise, experience, people and connection to invest in holistic lifestyle business opportunities in various levels and scales. From property development, project management, and interior design, through a prominent design film, Floenza. Procurement to well-crafted consuming products, Y.YOO Beauty and Y.YOO Clothing.


Best ingredients available, hight quality materials, well-selected decors which resulted to be ultra beauly products & timeless style clothing, and unique experience at Y.YOO’s and YOGA


The right talent, the right product, and the right process that result to be a value-added consultancy services and customized solutions for its business clients.


Ultimately, driving optimal value its stakeholders in the suitable way as possible.

The reason that Y.YOO can curationg for value because we want to keep the unique quality of brand.

An eye for excellence Y.YOO is eye for excellence is not something that the money can buy.

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